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MimioMimio interactive whiteboards have recently been ranked as one of the best interactive whiteboards by review and comment. It is mainly used in kindergartens and schools, interactive smart boards have hit the market considerably due to the functionality of a better one, which has paved the boredom in the classroom and asked each student to be part of the class is ability to be interactive whiteboard.

Students can participate actively in class and teachers can help them develop their interactive capabilities and increase the learning curve of students. Mimio is a very important player in this sector by creating new and innovative projects in the pursuit of what is most needed by students and teachers who work with them to create an interactive whiteboard, efficient and useful that you can use your potential.

This and other interactive features improve the performance of students in the classroom and helps teachers become more creative in their presentations to students and help them get the best of them.

Mimio interactive whiteboards

Mimio Electronic Whiteboards

Mimio whiteboards operate on the principle of a touch screen that consists of millions of tiny transistors that play an important role in the function for the whiteboard to be interactive. When someone writes or draws something on the whiteboard, the transistors to generate a signal at the contact points where the signals are processed by the microcomputer that processes and generates an active signal and displays the map on the interactive whiteboard.

Mimio whiteboards comes in many sizes from 47 “to 107”, the sheer size adds additional functionality to display photographs and videos, and how you can connect to a computer with Internet connection, they display a wide

variety of content to students if the models documentaries, animation, video tutorials, text and graphics and the list goes on. This is a feature of the plate that allows greater flexibility for teachers to improve their presentation content.

Smart Interactive Whiteboards

Last but not least, Smart Interactive Whiteboards can also use the digital copy of everything that is written on the whiteboard. Thanks to Mimio teachers will be able to save notes on the interactive whiteboard in most common image formats, including JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, and then distribute them to students at a later time for students to focus on the teacher and the lesson instead of focusing on both, by copying what is written, and listening to the teacher, at the same time.

Mimio smart interactive whiteboard better in the sense that they allow the flexibility and interactive whiteboards can be used as a portable, robust and offer many more options for the average teacher who wants to be in their best students.